Feel free to reach out to our team for various opportunities and collaborations.

Vishal Balaji
Contact Us:
+91 9994360760
Sheeban Akhtar
Contact Us:
+91 9762908786
Aman Bafna
Contact Us:
+91 9920053455

    Placement Office Details:

    Placement Chairperson : Professor Sirish Kumar Gouda

    Contact Us: +91 431 2505035

    Email : placement@iimtrichy.ac.in

Feel free to drop a text with the relevant details in case of any possible industry collaborations.
We are actively exploring various opportunities to work with companies and people from any domain.
Do reach out to us in case you would like to hear more from us.
The Clubs & Committees are open to purse any possible joint collaboration activities with relevant Student Bodies & Organizations.
We are open to receiving new ideas/inputs/content for the Student Portal. 

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