Podium-The speech and debating club at IIM Trichy

Podium Club is a non academic club of IIM Trichy. Since its inception it has worked as a debating club with addition of literary part in the recent time. The club focuses on having a dialogue outside of the classroom as well and for the same faculties are invited as well. 


Activities conducted by the club/committee in AY 2015-2016:-
a. section wise debate for the PGP 2015-17 batch
b. vani debates: the debate series between the faculty and students
c. focused debate series on education during the business festival in association with Teach For India
d. literary event: tiny tales writing event is an ongoing event. the tiny tales are published on various IIMT's facebook pages. 

Past Initiatives
Activities Conducted
Activities Conducted

Contact Person

E-Mail: digvijay.p15012@iimtrichy.ac.in

E-Mail: rakesh.p15034@iimtrichy.ac.in

E-Mail: karthik.p15081@iimtrichy.ac.in
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E-Mail: https://www.facebook.com/Podium-378161308933331/?ref=hl
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E-Mail: https://www.facebook.com/Podium-378161308933331/?ref=hl