DHRUVA Committee

The hallowed grounds of Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli was instituted in 2011 as the 11 th IIM in the country. Since its inception, we at IIM-T understand and value the importance of hands-on experience in dealing with real life scenarios along with management theory and believe in providing a constructive environment to enhance the learning experience of our students. Over the years, with the hard work and perseverance of our students we have established two successful brand of events, Arcturus & Rhythm, which have won acclaim across prestigious institutes especially in South India. With an array of innovative management contests and a myriad of cultural events, we have attracted virtuoso talents who put on display relentless competition and an unforgettable spectacle.

This year we are bringing together our Management & Cultural Fests under a single umbrella, Dhruva. With more events and wider participation, the amalgamation is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors attracting an all-time high footfall. Dhruva will be a melange presenting a celebration of culture and a war of wits.


The Fest committee is responsible for organising DHRUVA, the national level management-cultural festival of Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli. The committee works with the several academic and non-academic clubs of IIM Trichy to shape up and launch online case studies and on-campus management events and cultural extravaganza. The management events ensure that every event proposes a business scenario which would test the budding managers by providing a platform to showcase their innovation, skills, knowledge and real time problem solving ability.
Simultaneously cultural events aspire to create an extraordinary source of energy to immerse everyone in the symphony of life. What started as a spark has today grown into being one of the most anticipated fests in the Indian B-school scenario. This year we amalgamated the two entities “management & culture” into one to create wonder.
“DHRUVA” is bigger than any of its previous editions with never before seen events and initiatives. Now Dhruva is all set to shake up the Indian B-world.
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Planned Events

We always strive to be better. This influences us to conduct a bigger DHRUVA  the following year. 


Some of the activities planned for this year’s  DHRUVA include,


a) Events covering various business functions, namely, Marketing, Finance, HR, Strategy, Operations, IT, Entrepreneurship and Social causes by respective club committees.

b) Guest lectures from eminent personalities from the industry and academia are also being planned.

c) Workshops in specific domains of Operations, Finance and Marketing by industry experts to be conducted




Contact Person ( dhruva@iimtrichy.ac.in )
Sameer Mooley

Mob: 9769255635
E-Mail: sameer.p16026@iimtrichy.ac.in
Deephika K

Mob: 8939314439
E-Mail: deephika.p16138@iimtrichy.ac.in
Harish Murali

Mob: 8951346959
E-Mail: harish.p16088@iimtrichy.ac.in
Irshad Azeez

Mob: 9496337658
E-Mail: irshad.p16090@iimtrichy.ac.in
Murali Garlapati

Mob: 9488837548
E-Mail: murali.p16086@iimtrichy.ac.in
Sarat Chandra

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Swapnil Jha

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Tandra Jaiswal

Mob: 9830631913
E-Mail: tandra.p16049@iimtrichy.ac.in