Consulate- The Consulting Club of IIM Trichy

CONSULATE- The Strategy and Consulting Club of IIM Trichy


We say that “The sun never sets at IIM Trichy”. Consulate, The Strategy and Consulting Club of IIM Trichy is a testament of the fact, by creating an environment for exchange of wisdom between students, academia and the industry and offering a platform to develop interest and inclination towards the field of consulting through round the clock activities - live projects, panel discussions, seminar series, workshops, case competitions and strategy games.

Consulate is a completely student driven consulting initiative which is in the fifth year of its operations pursuing excellence in the field of management consulting. Consulate has been voted by the entire student body of IIM Trichy as the best club in campus on multiple occasions. 


Our Vision: To offer boulevards of opportunities for collaboration of students and business consulting experts through activities and nurture an understanding of consulting as a profession.


What We Offer:


The club seeks to provide students with the skills and opportunities to pursue a successful career in the field of consulting. The club has undertaken several initiatives with this aim in mind and seeks to act as a bridge between the students, academia and the industry. These initiative can be broadly categorised under four different practices: Events and competitions, Pro-bono consulting activities, Blogs and Social Media, and Seminars, Guest Speakers and Workshops.

Events and Competitions:-


Throughout the year, the Club organizes multiple strategy competitions and events, to allow the future managers of tomorrow, pit their Strategic Quotient against each other’s. The competitions are in the form of case study, article writing, guesstimates and simulation games.

Ground Zero is the flagship event of the Consulate Club. The event challenges the participants with a comprehensive business case developed with our corporate partners that tests their ability to understand the problem to deliver effective and implementable solutions. Top teams present their solutions to Sponsor Group executives at IIM Trichy campus. Sponsor Group executives select the best solution and implement it in the business, handing out PPIs to the best team. The event has seen some of the finest young managerial brains from IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS and MDI, battle it out to emerge victors of the event. Apart from Ground Zero, the club organizes different competitions, which tests the strategic intellect of the participants. 

Pro-bono Consulting Activities:-


Consulate continues to consult a Trichy-based NGO called Spastics (an NGO helping kids with cerebral palsy).  It is a pro-bono project and it involves making the NGO self-sustainable and efficient. From assessing the various opportunity costs to improving the donor reach, many of the NGOs processes were streamlined. Also a lot of on the ground implementation was orchestrated by the club like use of Spastics-NGO made Sambhar masala among others supplied in the student mess and NGO made jute bags used in the HR conclave. Effective social media presence along with a brand new website which will have a payment portal to facilitate easy donations is being worked on at the moment. 

The Club has also collaborated with international business schools to aid foreign companies formulate strategies to enter Indian markets, through facilitating exchange of knowledge and students collaboration in live projects.


Blogs and Social Media:-


The Consulate Club has a prominent social media presence with more than 1500 likes, > 1200 Peak Single Day Impressions and 1400 peak reach on Facebook. The club also runs a popular blog on Tumblr, where current news affairs and articles are posted and shared with thousands of viewers. All the events conducted by Consulate, get tremendous traction through the expanding social media presence of the club in Facebook and Twitter.

Seminars, Guest Lectures and Workshops

The club, in its endeavour to acting as a bridge between corporate and academia, organizes frequent guest lecture series, guest speaker seminars and workshops on latest industry trends. Some of the highly-regarded top management professionals of leading industry houses, have come to IIM Trichy to share their knowledge and experiences, which has aided students in getting a closer understanding of the industry.

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