Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee yet again made a lot of occasions memorable this academic year. Festivals to the annual cultural festival of IIM Trichy, Rhythm, were conducted with great diligence and satisfaction. The committee is very proud to have involved the entire IIM Trichy family in all of the occasions without fail.


Holi ‘15


HOLI ‘15, was one celebration that will remain etched in the memories of all for a long time. With people chasing and coloring others, with dry powder and colored water, one couldn’t have asked for more enjoyment. Traditional Thandai and other refreshments made the celebration even more wonderful.

But the celebration was taken to more heights when 3 eminent personalities from IIMT graced the occasion – our beloved Director, Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri; our PGP Chairperson – Dr. Suresh Paul Antony, and our dear Placements and External Relations Chairperson Dr. Abhishek Totwar. Overall, the celebration justified the fact that HOLI is indeed a festival of joy; a celebration that really showed the unity of IIMT. Hoping it will be more fun filled and euphoric next year.

Ramzan Eid (Eid-ul-Fitr)
Celebration of festivals helps to strike a balance between our study life and social life. WIth this in mind, cultural committee celebrated Ramzan Eid, its first festival of the new academic year on 17th July, 2015. Cultural committee in association with the Sports committee organized a friendly volleyball match between both the batches. Traditionally, the festival is seen as the feast of breaking fast. Therefore, Cultural committee had organized special food for the entire IIM Trichy family on the occasion of Ramzan Eid.

Onam- The state festival of Kerala


An ancient festival which still survives, Onam is rice harvest and rain flowers festival. It is the biggest festival in Kerala. Cultural Committee at IIM Trichy celebrated Onam in the campus on 29th August, 2015. The celebration at IIM Trichy saw meeting traditional Keralite rituals to the youth of India.The celebration was truly an introduction to the Malayalam culture sor the students from other parts of the country. Cultural committee students made one of the students dressed up like Mahabali, the mythical king in Kerala. Also, all the students collectively made Pookolam. Fun events like tug of war, musical chair made the students forget about the study pressure and relax for a while. Finally, the traditional food like Payasam made the event memorable for everyone.


The Cultural Committee at IIM Trichy celebrated the auspicious festival of Janmashthami  with great joy and fervor along with all the students of  PGP Batch 2014-16 ,PGP Batch 2015-17, the faculty members of the IIM Trichy Community and the Fellow Students of  the College. The Hostel ground was decorated with flowers, posters, Lighting and Music arrangements on 6th of September to host the grand event.

The event started with some fun activities and the winners were presented with some goodies. To live up to the occasion a dahi handi event was arranged wherein the competition between two academic sections A and B were kept to mark the event. The event saw a massive enthusiasm among the students as rival teams splurged water against each other to add to the difficulty of this fun activity. Section A emerged as winners in this event.

The Event also saw dance performances by students of the IIM Trichy. The event concluded with delicious food and cold drinks was served to all members of the IIM Trichy family and students clicking pictures of each other.




Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated on a grand scale with the spirit and enthusiasm of the festival enveloping Berylites. The celebrations started off with an ethnic dress competition in which students chose to represent the traditional attires of their respective states. Rangoli was laid out in front of Beryl along with the diyas, the integral part of the festival. Bursting crackers was a colourful and noisy affair in which the students took part with much excitement and furor. The day ended with a special food and cold drinks served to students, after which they photographed themselves with crackers and adorning ethnic wears.




True to its name, this edition of Sanskriti was indeed a war of sections. Amidst sleepless nights and jam-packed schedules, the Sections of PGP 14-17 managed to conjure up a show so stunning that it was really a Battle of Entertainment rather than the purported Battle of Sections. The Sections danced with the stars and basked in limelight, spreading smiles and making memories. 

Here is a snapshot of the laurels scored by both sections. Section A won the Music category while Section B responded by snatching away the Skit. Section B came up with a marvellous performance to clinch the Fashion Show. But what sealed the deal for Section B was the thundering performance they put up on the Dance stage. In the end, Section B came up with a total of 90 points, and with a margin of 22 points lifted the Sanskriti 4.0 trophy.

Overall, it was a night to remember, Sanskriti 4.0 will be remembered for entertaining performances and cheering, spirited crowd.



The purpose of any cultural committee is to stroke the sparks of creativity and unbridled passion that is harboured deep within us that enable us to, at times, produce works of art and things of beauty that defines us and enflame them, give life to them. CulComm at IIM Trichy believe in going to great lengths to nourish the flame of creative talent lying dormant within each of us, to protect it and recognise it. To this end we organised to you Rhythm, the Pan-India annual cultural festival of IIM Trichy – a harmonious sequence of colours, sounds and the elements.


The wide variety of events spread across the fest was graced with participation from several reputed B-Schools and engineering colleges as well of the country. The first day of Rhythm was inaugurated by Professor V. Gopal, Dean Academics. The event started off with the photography and videography event, followed by a Stand-Up Comedy event which tickled the funny bones of the august audience. The first day wrapped up with a fashion show cum personality contest. This event, Haute Couture, was not just about the self-expression of the contestants in terms of what they wear but also proved to be a battleground of wits where the judges tested their presence of mind and out of the box thinking with impromptu questions.


The second day composed of VoiceRoy, the solo-singing event, followed by Hips don’t Lie, the group dance event. The War of Bands saw mind-blowing performances as was the occasion with the previous editions of Rhythm and kept up with the expectations of the audience. The pro-show which followed, by a Bangalore based band, Between Recess, put up an electrifying performance with which the fourth edition of Rhythm drew to its close.

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