The student clubs in Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli focuses on developing leadership skills as well as expanding students' worldviews. As a result, we believe individuals will use these skills to increase understanding and cooperation, providing solutions to a more secure and peaceful world. In IIMT, clubs are an accurate metaphor for the IIMT culture, distinguished by an absence of borders, and offering a host of experiential learning opportunities to create, organize, implement, and execute.To achieve this, students have various academic and non-academic clubs in different functional areas.

Academic Clubs also bring in seasoned executives to conduct skills sessions and resume reviews, as well as informal lunch talks and broad networking sessions. Their activities range from organizing special events, focusing on current affairs to carefully planned symposia and lecture that enrich the participants' professional, academic and extra-curricular interests. The speakers for all these events are eminent business personalities. All the events are planned and executed by the students, in close coordination with Area faculty members.Non-academic Clubs provide cultural events on campus, leadership opportunities and personality development.

Academic Clubs:

  • Consulate
  • Finvest
  • MAC
  • Matrix
  • Persona
  • SigmaEta
  • E-Cell

Non-Academic Clubs:

  • Elixir
  • 11 Megapixels
  • Podium
  • Break-Free
  • Swara