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The goal of Persona Club (HR & OB) at IIMT is to educate managers about the current global HR practices and trends and initiate active discussion on such topics. Apart from being a learning channel, the club aims to be an exciting forum for displaying students’ prowess in handling HR issues and also to help them get a strong hold over the function. The various event such as quizzes, case studies, role plays, guests lectures and article writing contests are organized by the club to kindle the students’ interests and to give them an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and learning in practice.


The event was a great platform for PGP first year students to test their summer placement readiness. Given that their placements would start in September, it was important to understand their strengths & weaknesses so that they would be placed with the top recruiters visiting the campus. Persona Club conducted the first ever Ideal Recruit event for the PGP – I year. The event was organized with the help of PGP – II.  
  • The event consists of mock interview panels based on the companies which came for the last year's summers.
  • Members from PGP-2 who worked with the companies (in specific domains) during their summers would constitute the interview panel.
  • Members from PGP-1 can choose their preferred domains & attend the interviews accordingly. Also note that you can attend interviews across multiple domains in case you are still unsure about your area of specialization.
  • Every panel would adjudge one winner (for every domain) who would be the recipient of the title - "Ideal Recruit".
In association with Arcturus 4.0 the Annual B-Fest of IIM Trichy, Persona club organised a case study and simulation competition to test the participants’ knowledge in the areas of OB, HR and Industrial Relations. The event consisted of four rounds

Round1: Online Quiz on Oct 21
We have seen 150+ participants from various institutes in India. This includes older IIMs and other top B Schools. At the end of first round top 20 teams were selected for round 2. 
 Round2: Case study presentations
Teams selected from Round 1 had to submit presentation on the given case in powerpoint format, which was evaluated by IIM Trichy faculty members and 5 teams were selected to present their case to jury on campus.

Round3: On Campus
All the selected team were given 15 min to make presentation about the solutions they made to the jury. Teams were evaluated on the basis of several factors like feasibility of the solution, innovation, clarity of communication etc.  

Round4: Board room simulation
Teams were given a situation by the jury on the spot, one participant from each team represented their team as a CEO/CFO/CIO. They were given 5 min to discuss the solutions. Later they put forth their solutions to other teams and jury. In the end every team has to come-up common solution.
Teams were evaluated based on their performance in Round 3 and 4. On the basis of jury’s judgement Winner and Runner were awarded.

The Revolutionist 
Persona- successfully organized its revolutionist event on 7th & 8th November at Arcturus The Annual B-Fest of IIM Trichy. It was an individual event in which students participated from different Business Schools and other management institutions from different parts of country.
It is not easy to change a process followed in organizations, it needs more than a common employee, Revolutionist. This event gives an opportunity to brace you for the battle between the futures CHRO of the nation. It was among one of the most successful events of the B- fest. To participate in the event the participant assume the role of a CHRO and has to submit a video on how he/she would convince the board members for doing away with the Performance Review system in their organization.
Participants had to record their pitch to convince the board members and sent in their videos. The weightage for evaluation was
35% - Facebook likes. (Videos were uploaded in Persona's FB page)
65% - Video content was adjudged by IIM Trichy faculty members.
The top 2 winners received cash prizes
Persona Lenz
Persona, for the first time launched a Facebook Article series named ‘Persona Lenz’.  It gives the latest happening in the industry or trending views on HR from different perspectives. For students and industry personnel finding the market requirement would be difficult, Persona Lenz which was aimed at providing them market status by sharing famous articles online through Facebook page of Persona. The views of these articles increases every week.
It has been regularly updated by personal members. And more than 115 articles have been updated till now.

Past Initiatives
Crack the chaos
Crack the chaos

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