“Jnanam Anantam” or “Knowledge is Endless” is the motto of IIM Trichy. The Academic Committee strives to create, nurture and maintain an environment of continuous learning for the participants to satisfy their desire to learn. The Academic Committee forms a link between the student community and the faculty members.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Work closely with PGP Chairperson, PGP office to understand student, PGP needs and work towards achieving them. Working closely with Program office to maintain academic integrity, discipline and ensuring smooth functioning of classes so that students actively participate in classroom discussions enhancing the learning in the institute.
2. Work closely with Faculty Area chairs to determine electives based on batch's interest. Getting feedback from the Industry, Alumni, Placement committee, previous batch to ensure how courses can accommodate new developments. Every year existing courses are updated and new courses are added to enhance the holistic learning in campus. Remedial sessions, movie screenings are conducted whenever necessary to complement and add value to classroom learning.
3. Taking care of all academic related issues including but not restricted to dealing with course content, electives bidding, Class Representatives' election, and attendance discrepancy.
4. Mock bidding, Class Representative (CR) Elections are done to understand and convey interests between program office and students.
5. We work with YourDOST – in campus counsellor to work slots and doctor visits throughout the year. Mentorship program is done at the beginning of the year where students from first year are mapped to two students from second year based on work experience and domain interests.

The Committee members details are given below.

Academic Committee Members

Chethan Naik

Kunal Saini


Suvranil Dutta Gupta