A brief description of how things work,

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli has student Committees that ensure that our learning experience here is coupled with adequate amount of extra-curricular activities and to have an all-round exposure to all that holds significance for the students. The various Committees nurture and enhance the reputation of the Institute within the student fraternity, corporate world and the society in general. It also aims at ensuring the well-being of the IIM Trichy Students during their stay at the institute and then later as an alumni member helps them stay connected with the Institute. The sheer determination and effort that various people put into these activities apart from the rigorous academic curriculum of IIM Trichy is a truly herculean task and deserves the respect of all. They truly make IIM Trichy a place that is filled with opportunities for all. 

Academic Committee

Academic Committee Secretary is selected from the first year elected members of the Academic Committee mutually by all the members of the Academic Committee, IIM Trichy. Read more.

Alumni Committee

The Secretary of the Alumni Committee, together with the members of the Alumni Committee, acts as connecting bridge between the alumni and the institute.
Read more.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee Secretary popularly known as "CulSec" has two roles to play, one being Cultural Secretary and the other being Fest Secretary of IIMT. Read more.

Infra and IT Committee

The Infra & IT Committee Secretary plays a vital role in ensuring the amenities provided in hostels and the campus are functional 24*7.  Read more..

International Relations Committee 

Secretary of International Relations Students' Committee together with the members of the committee plays a key role in building partnerships for IIM Trichy with the foreign universities. Read more.

Media Relations Committee

The Media Relations Committee is responsible for connecting various stakeholders of the college through the Social Media Handles and Press Releases. Read more.

Food and Beverages  Committee

All the activities happening inside the IIMT mess area comes under the purview of the Mess Alumni Committee Secretary. Read more.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee Secretary, along with the committee members at IIM Trichy, is responsible for hosting a variety of sports events in the campus throughout the year. Read more.

TEDx Committee

TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading.” 

Merchandising and Retail Committee

The Merchandising and Retail Committee (MARC), is a student-run organization that operates with the motto of Making Life Less Tricky in Trichy by selling everything that a typical IIMTian needs during the stay in the campus.