The Infrastructure and IT Committee, affectionately known as the IIT Committee, is a stalwart supporter of the IIM Trichy community. Our purpose, as a result of the merger of the Infrastructure and IT Committees in 2017, is to improve the quality of life for students by addressing their Hostel, IT, and Infrastructure needs.
At IIM Trichy, we understand that a seamless campus experience is integral to academic success. The IIT Committee is your dedicated partner in ensuring that your stay here is not just pleasant but exceptional.

A cornerstone of our work is the systematic identification and resolution of Infrastructure and IT issues. We've devised a dynamic Ticketing Portal through which students can effortlessly report any concerns. Our team then engages with the Estate Office, the IT Team, and other stakeholders to ensure swift rectification.
Our Committee is also in charge of room allocations at the start of each academic year. This rigorous procedure is dependent on a plethora of factors and parameters, requiring the greatest degree of thinking and managerial abilities. We approach this challenging undertaking with care, ensuring that our students have the greatest possible living experience.

The IIT Committee takes pride in its broader role as an institution promoter and community connector. We have envisioned a Student Portal, a comprehensive platform that centralizes all student activities and crucial information related to Clubs and Committees. This not only serves the IIM Trichy student community but also extends a warm welcome to our external audience, showcasing the vibrancy of our campus life.

The IIT Committee actively supports various institute activities, offering a helping hand to Clubs and Committees in their on-campus endeavours. In a bustling ecosystem like IIM Trichy, where excellence is the norm, the IIT Committee empowers you to focus on your academic journey, knowing that your daily concerns are addressed.Your success is our purpose, and your comfort is our priority.

The committee members details are given below.

Infra and IT Committee Members

Nikhil Rathi

Abhijith Ganesh

Disha Kshatriya

Nanditha Krishna Kumar

Pallavi Vhanalkar
Prateek Shukla

Sarthak Goyal
Shilpa Unni

Tanmayee Khobragade

Vinumer Banyal