The Food and Beverage Committee of IIM Trichy plays a pivotal role in easing students' lives by making sure the best quality food is available to them. Amid the hustle and bustle of the MBA life, we understand how important food is for the students and ensure that all the food outlets on the campus are a place where students can unwind. Being one of the IIMs that provide the best foods across the country, we strive not just to maintain but exceed the standard.

The Committee members details are given below.

FnB Committee Members

Prakatish P R

A S Jawahar Chandra Raj

Anubhav Singhal

Harinder Singh

Harshita J

Nikunj Agrawal

Rao Dilip Jagdish

Rhea Tess Johny

Vyankatesh Chandrakant Patil