The Cultural Committee of IIM Trichy adds vibrancy and fun to the life of students and faculty on campus. Also known as CulComm, the Committee strives to make the students feel at home by organizing various events, cultural nights, and Intra college cultural fest Sanskriti (also called Section wars). CulComm also leads 'Team Dhruva' which is responsible for organizing Dhruva - The Annual Business and Cultural Fest of IIM Trichy, which is the biggest event on campus. As the batch has students from all parts of India, the celebrations conducted by CulComm bring the students and the families at campus together informally and strengthens the fraternity.

The Committee members details are given below.

Cultural Committee Members

Rishul Gupta

Arya Lokhande

Ayush Gaur

Deepak S

John Joseph

Nischith A G

Rizwan Abdul Haq

Sahil Madduri

Shweta Gite

Suan Khaute

Veda Reddy

Vishnu Prem