The Cultural Committee of IIM Trichy adds vibrancy amd fun to the life of students and faculty at campus. Also known as CulComm, the Committee strives to make the students feel at home by organizing various events, cultural nights and Intra college cultural fest Sanskriti (also called Section wars). CulComm also leads 'Team Dhruva' which is responsible for organizing Dhruva - The Annual Business and Cultural Fest of IIM Trichy, which is the biggest event on campus. As the batch has students from all parts of India, the celebrations conducted by CulComm bring the students and the families at campus together informally and strengthens the fraternity. 



An evening filled with cultural extravaganza including dance, drama, singing along with events like Ad-Mad and Fashion show wherein all four sections of Batch 2019-21 showcased their talents to take home the title trophy of sectional winners. Competition started one week prior with many offstage events such as online gaming, face painting, graffiti design, photography, poem and article write up.


Being the conducting committee on behalf of IIM Trichy for its flagship business and cultural fest, Team Dhruva organized the biggest and brightest festival in the history of IIM Trichy. With eclectic performances of Band Lagori and DJ Shameless Mani in the spectacular Dhruva arena, with crowd of thousands cheering and dancing, Dhruva has placed itself at a higher level. 

IIM Trichy Carnival

This is probably the most loved event of the year. First ever time in history of IIM Trichy, the Carnival happened where students had the chance to show their entrepreneurial skills by putting up various stalls ranging from food and beverages to gaming and posters. 

Mic Drop

A fun-filled evening was organized where everyone gathered around and listened to good music, stand-up comedy, soulful poetry and stories our folks had in store. A good mix of prepared and impromptu performances from students made the environment lively and it was a calm night of enjoyment. 

Cultural Night

It was first event organized to welcome the incoming batch with a night full of fun and cultural performances by students of IIM Trichy. Cultural night was organized during orientation programme for 2019-21 batch. 


Ganesh Chaturthi 

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated as part of festival celebrations inside campus to make sure that every student gets feeling of campus being his/her second home. From religious ceremonies to dance, it was an evening full of celebrations. 


Continuing with festival celebrations, Onam celebrated this year where every student had a chance to have authentic Kerala Food. Event was made more beautiful with the beats of Chanda Melam where everyone danced till last beat. Cultural events based on culture from Kerala were organized to make students aware of richness of culture of India. 

Durga Pooja & Dandiya 

Richness of Bengali Culture was felt by IIM Trichy family through religious ceremonies welcoming Goddess Durga and Bengali feast where everyone was delighted with celebrations and delicious food. Moments of fun and enjoyment were added to these celebrations when everyone hit the dance floor with Dandiya Sticks and had moments to cherish forever. 


Festival of lights was celebrated with awesome decorations and series of cultural performances by students of IIM Trichy. Paper lanterns, rangoli competition and DJ night were the main attractions of the event.  


This year Christmas saw huge enthusiasm. A student of batch 2019-21 who appeared in avatar of Santa stole the show with all eyes finding the Santa to have toffees and gifts. It was a melodious evening where our faculties showcased their singing acumen and cheered the environment.


Concluding the list of festivals to be celebrated on campus, Holi was the last and all-time favorite celebrations done. The festival of colours was enthusiastically celebrated by all with colours all around and dancing to groovy beats.