The Sports Committee promotes the sports culture at IIM Trichy. We carry out a variety of events covering a total of 16 sports so that people can continue to play the sports of their liking even amidst the hustle and bustle of an MBA. We participate in Sangram, the sports competition between the IIMs of the South i.e. IIM Trichy, IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Vizag. Our flagship event is Khelotsav, held during Dhruva, which is a sports tournament between the MBA colleges in Trichy. We host other events like PGP1 vs PGP2, Aarambh, Kurukshetra, Prayudh, ITCL and ITFL, averaging one event per month.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Planning & conducting different types of sports related events during the academic year for the student community; The committee functions to improve the sporting culture on campus. On average, there is an event every month. Events are decided based on the interest from students and as per practice needed for tournaments like Sangram and Khelotsav.
  2. There are exclusive events at the beginning of the academic year to introduce the batch to sports and gauge their interests. We have events to improve the interactions between PGP1 and PGP2 students and between the students and the faculty.
  3. Monitoring & managing the sports facilities and planning further development to the sports infrastructure.
  4. Procurement of sports material to fulfill the need of various sports events as well as to cater to the requirement of the student community.
  5. Monitoring & managing the usage of sports equipment by students for sports events and practice sessions.
  6. Coordinating travel and merchandising requirements for Sangram, the inter – south IIM sports event and managing IIM Trichy contingent at the host institute.
  7. Encouraging active participation in sports fest of other colleges from the student community.
  8. Maintaining connect with students, alumni and other external stakeholders through social media handles of Sports Committee.
  9. Negotiate with the sponsors for Sangram sports meet as well as for other sports related events.
  10. Conduct events for Fitness Club as a part of Fit India Movement started by MHRD for colleges of India.