The Media Relations Committee also known as the MRC, is the medium of connection and communication of all the details and events about this institute within its internal & external members. It is responsible for handling the press releases, social media updates, photo and video coverage of all the events happening in the college, round the year.

Apart from this , we are the first point of contact for our incoming students and we make sure that their admission process is seamless and we facilitate the mentoring of the students to make their experience at IIMT better.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Multi-platform social media handling by a fast-paced content team.
  2. Organizing event coverage for various events of college such as Dhruva (management festival), Nishtha (management conclave), INDAM 2020 (International conference), guest lectures, and other college events.
  3. Drafting of written materials such as Press Releases to engage with media.
  4. Creating & managing media relationships including 24/7 press office access.
  5. Coordinating with Ministry of External Affairs to organize to distinguished guest lectures about India’s foreign policy.
  6. Engaging with the aspirants and incoming batch to give a preview of the campus life and mentor ship.