The alumni network of IIM Trichy has members from all the post-graduate programs of IIM Trichy. The Alumni have been and continue to play a very crucial role in the success of the institute as a whole. The Alumni Committee strives to develop a network that vitally connects the alumni to one another and the alma mater. The Alumni Committee believes in the collective voice of the extended family for the growth and prosperity of the institute stimulating collaboration for networking and providing a platform for the alumni, current students, and faculty to share knowledge, connect and grow together.

The Committee members details are given below.

Alumni Committee Members

Rushikesh Vilas Bhawar

Isha Yadav

Malvika Mall

MD Najam Sayeed

Pallavi Praturi

Phaninder Seelam 

Rounak Golechha

Vaibhav Raj Singh

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