In the first years the students are exposed to core courses which are courses from different areas which cover various disciplines of business management. A student is then allowed to choose from a wide variety of electives in Second Year. These courses enable students to gain in-depth knowledge in particular domain of their interest. The aim is to align learning with career goals and objectives. As part of MBA program students also work on MAD project where they apply their learning to provide sustainable solutions to the areas where it is required the most. From PGPM 19-21 batch onwards MAD Project has been in-lined with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan where college has adopted certain villages and few problem areas have been identified. Student groups are working to provide sustainable solutions to the problems faced by the residents of these villages.


Students enrolled into a program need to complete specific credit requirement in both the years. Credits are also used to define the weightage allotted to a course depending upon the workload. Courses can be one, two or three credit courses. Depending upon the credits classroom hours are also predefined along with workload, evaluations and activities.


Peer learning is a vital aspect one's MBA life. Peer coaching helps students learn from a diverse network and builds a strong relationship with their batch mates that will last for years after they move out of the college. In an MBA college most of the activities are designed to happen in teams. When team activities happen, each member of the team gives a different perspective to the problem on the discussion table. This enhances the learning experience of each student. By and large peer learning will be the most important learning that a student takes back from a BSchool.


In an MBA, group activities are very important - be it for academic purposes, case competitions or even cultural and sports events. At most times you'll have a lot in your plate to handle and this is where working in groups helps. You can divide the work according to the strengths of your team members and hence time can be managed. Also, working in a team helps one pick up qualities or skills that other people might have in a group and which you might be missing. One of the most important attributes of working in a group is the discussions that you have among the team. The different ideas that people with varying thought processes come up with, lead to a much better solution to the problem in hand by the amalgamation and refining of the various ideas.

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