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We welcome you to the Official Student Portal of IIM Trichy. The portal is designed to act as a one stop place to know about the ever buzzing campus filled with academics and the never ending activities and competitions that is blended with the life at campus. IIM Trichy has a state of art campus that has been meticulously planned and designed for various needs of the IIM Trichy fraternity. The various Clubs & Committees of IIM Trichy are instrumental in bringing color and joy to the campus. Various activities are carried out inside the campus and online throughout the year to provide a platform for the students to showcase their talents.

This Student Portal is a dedication to the Past-Present-Future Batches of IIM Trichy, the various Clubs & Committees and the Office Bearers who make IIM Trichy what it is and the way it is. The Student Portal is entirely student driven and aims to provide a common platform to witness all the activities and the opportunities for the students of IIM Trichy. 

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