There is no quantitative time on the clock for which we can say that this is when the day at IIM Trichy begins. The morning transforms into night and the night transforms into another morning, and the cycle continues. The concept of days stops existing here. But it is this rigorous schedule and the very energy in the air that makes life such an adventurous ride at IIM Trichy.

Classes begin ideally at 8 in the morning and can stretch up till 10 in the night, “the marathon run” as we IIM-Tians call it. In between the classes, during the breaks, one would usually find the students either making up for the missed meal, or in the library trying to catch up on the events around the globe. Apart from the tough academics, one is expected to keep oneself alert and abreast with the latest developments in and around the world. The Learning Resource centre at IIM Trichy in that case is a boon for all its students. The library gives you access to world class journals and research papers from some of the greatest academicians and business people in the world. Once the classes get over... that’s when the real life at IIM Trichy begins.

Sharing a cup of tea with your pals at the dhaba, the excitement of winning a football match, late night Maggi sessions and tons and tons of fun activities that bring the entire campus to life even at 2 am in the morning.. Moments like these are what make life exhilarating and memorable at IIM Trichy.

The concept of not having time but making time couldn’t be more real.

In between the pile of individual assignment submissions and group projects, one has to indeed make time to catch a breath and take a look at the beauty that canopies the entire campus. There would be days when you’d be woken up by the chirping of the birds on the tree outside your window and go to bed looking at the beautiful moon ring. If that is not enough for de-stressing one could always take a dip in the pool, share a game of badminton or TT also the ITFL (IIM Trichy’s own Intra College Football League) is a sight worth watching when all the students come together to kick the football or to cheer their teams when they do so. We also have our own Intra College Cricket League on campus. 

We are proud to say that one just doesn’t come here to nurture one’s management acumen... A lot more goes on here. Mistakes are made, Lessons are learned, bonds are made, happiness is shared, relationships are forged, emotions are expressed… and the result… well... that cannot be expressed in words, it can only be experienced. 

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