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The Placement and External Relations office is a student body that works on the all round development of the student and ensuring that they are ready to enter the corporate world. The team is also responsible for maintaining relationships with recruiters and providing opportunities for the students in terms of campus placement or corporate competitions.

The office is split into the preparatory team and the placement team. The preparatory team which devotes its time in ensuring that the students have all the opportunities for personal development by arranging career development programs. The placement team works with corporate bodies to enable exposure to the students. This happens via guest lectures wherein people holding leadership positions in corporate institutions share their experiences with the students. Some of our recent speakers have included Mr. Ram Gopal, CEO of Barclays, Ms. Mukti Hariharan, Director of M&A at HUL and Mr. Kumar Raghavendra, Cluster CEO at P&G. The placement team also works with these institutions to provide an opportunity for students to enter the corporate world in terms of career opportunities. The placement team is constantly working to ensure that more partnerships are created with the corporates be it for campus placement (Some of our new recruiters include McKinsey & Co, Franklin Templeton, Astrazeneca) or competitions (Amazon Ace, Virtusa Business Cipher, Infosys Ingenious).

Internship Experiences from the words of our students

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