Food is always an integral part of every culture. Moving to a new place for the next two years of MBA can both be equally adventurous and frightening. We aim to pacify your concerns by introducing you to a wide variety of food places that you can enjoy during your time in IIM Trichy. The city is not restricted to the below mentioned places. Trichy is truly blesses to have a wide variety of options to satisfy any type of food that you crave for.

We do not endorse or market any of the below mentioned places or food items. We do not receive any kind of monetary income by publishing/promoting the places in this site. This is purely for sharing information about the local places for the food explorer within you. 

In and Around Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Hotel Kannappa

Fish Finger
This appetizing dish, served by Hotel Kannappa, is never disappointing. With perfect coating and crisp outside, it just melts inside your mouth with that mayo and makes you crave for more!
Kannappa Special Grilled Chicken
The first time we tried it, we realized that we never had grilled chicken better than this in Trichy. The juicy chicken, tender inside, coated with their special masala and mayo as accompaniment, is the best you can treat yourself with!

@food.n.foodies_ orders this special grilled chicken along with their favorite fish fingers as starters every time they visit Kannappa.

Hotel Kannappa has several restaurants at different locations within Trichy, all of them serving the same standard food, every single time. 

Chellammal Manpaanai Samayal

Take a trip 150 years back in history. The owner Mr. Mohan Shanmugam, a delightful person, has made this place magical where food is made from the absolute traditional ways from our past. No Mixer to grind spices, no modern pressure cookers, and no gas cylinders, It's all old school mortal and pestle and food served on banana platter here.

Finally, to add to your gastronomical experience, the owner will happily give you tour of his kitchen and tell you about the traditional food practices. This place is one hell of a hidden gem in Trichy City.

Karthik Mess

The place where Food and Foodies(@food.n.foodies_) started their journey, exploring good food and presenting it to our students.

The first thing they bring to you is this tray containing all kinds of dishes different varieties of fish fry (seer fish/vanjiram/neymeen, anchovies/nithili/netholi,etc), mutton balls, chicken-65, crab omelet to name a few. Once you choose from them, they cook it for you and serve it hot. Next comes the main course - afternoon meals including rice and other side dishes, biryani (chicken or mutton), etc.

Karthik Mess is usually busy during afternoons as they are known for their afternoon meals. It has the ambience of a typical mess with simple settings, not a posh place to chill-out, but definitely a place worth visiting if you're in search of food that's finger-licking good! A great place for Non Vegetarians. 


Dimora is one of the most loved and favorite places amongst young people in Trichy. Frequented by NIT Trichy and IIM-Tians, crowd loves the arrays of continental food served here. The ambience and the food variety makes it a must go place.

The laid back atmosphere and the food variety makes it a great place for casual outings. 


Another gem in Trichy and nothing beats the amazing food at Meridian.
Grilled Garlic Prawns
Continental Chicken Steak
Sparkling Citrus Pomegranate Mocktail
Good Company
Great Ambience...
Enough said :) 

Hotel Malabar Restaurant

Making way for a hearty meal this place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. It occupies a favorable location at Thillai Nagar. Courtesy to this strategic location, foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk in to this eating house conveniently without facing any hassles related to commuting to this part of the city. A great place for Kerala based food items.

@food.n.foodies_ ordered appam, naan, channa curry and the absolute delicious prawn curry that all of us fought over and had to order again. But the best experience was the service. The manager was very friendly and welcoming and they served us a traditional herbal water which was lukewarm and pink in color. Overall it was a very good experience. 

In and Around Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Jigarthanda (Dish Name)

This was a very unplanned but pleasant one-day trip to the Madurai Meenakshi temple. After a tiring long day, @food.n.foodies_ decided to have some refreshing Jigarthanda from the 'Famous Jigarthanda shop', which is at walkable distance from the temple. But since we did not know the way, we took quite sometime to reach, roaming the streets of Madurai at night, which was fun!

The four hours bus ride from Trichy to Madurai, the long queues at the Meenakshi temple, some impersonationšŸ˜‚, search for the most recommended Jigarthanda shop, good food from A2B (Adyar Anand Bhavan, Madurai) and the ride back - that's Madurai trip summed up!

In and Around Kochi, Kerala


Mullapanthal is one of the busiest spots in Kochi. The short wait is always worth the food they serve. They have this huge board with the dishes right near the entrance so that you can decide your order while waiting. There is a wide variety from steamed tapioca(kappa), calm meat(kakka irachi), prawn 65, appam and our personal favorite the steamed fish in a banana wrap.

Our experience there was amazing! We ordered everything we could think of and ate too much, but we still had some space left for ice cream from the shop right outside. Sweet endings are always happy endings we say.

Kashi Art Cafe

In the heart of Fort Kochi, Kashi Art Cafe is perfect for your lazy afternoons or a soothing evening after a shopping spree. The ecofriendly decor, is as refreshing as the coffee served.

They serve mouth watering sandwiches, salads, cakes but we went for a light course as dinner awaited. For drinks we had a lemon tea, a cold coffee with a fine blend of coconut milk and honey, pineapple ginger drink with a pinch of mint and honey. To satiate our taste buds more, we had a tomato cheese omelette with toasted brown bread and signed off with Brownie.

With all due justice to it's name, the Art Cafe welcomes you with a miniature art gallery. A must for the art and food lover in you. 

Chill Out Cafe

ChilliOut Cafe is one of the most comfiest cafes that we have seen in Kerala. Right next to the beach, the cool breeze that heightened our fuzzy happiness was nothing compared to the warmth of friendship as we sat down to look at the beautiful sunset.

Banana chocolate crepes, Fried Squid Salad, Tuna Steak was what we relished after a beautiful evening of walking around inbetween the narrow lanes of the fishing backwaters. ChilliOut Cafe not only fed a bunch of hungry foodies, it fed our soul in our @food.n.foodies_ trip to Kerala, God's Own Country.  

Watch out this space for more such interesting places !!

Food n Foodies is a group of students from IIM Trichy who believe that food is life. Their aim is to travel to all the places in South India and experience the rich culture through its food. Check out their Instagram page here. 

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