Student Council


IIM Trichy runs through a set of engines, Student Council being one of the major engines, that constantly try to create new benchmarks for academics, student life and campus facilities. The Student Council plays a key role in being at the helm of all student activities within the campus. The Student Council is made up of Elected Members like President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Women's Secretary and various Committee Secretaries. They play a major role in structuring the yearly program calendar in coordination with various stake holders in the institute. The Student Council functions as the primary bridge between the Institute and the Student Body.

The various positions in Student Council and their responsibilities are briefed below. 

Positions in Student Council


The President of the Students’ Council, elected by the Student Body, represents the Student Body of the Institution. He/she acts as an intermediary between the Institute Management, Faculty and the Student Body. He/she represents the needs, interests and concerns of the Student Body and also, works towards the welfare of the Institution and to uphold the institutional standards and policies. He/she ensures there is collaboration and cooperation among the management, faculty and the students. The responsibilities also include, assisting the other elected members of the Students’ Council; supervising the functioning for the various Student Committees and Clubs; coordinating the selection processes of the various Committee and Club Members; presiding over the meetings of the Student Council and ensures smooth functioning of the Students’ Council. He/she is also expected to be participate in all the Institute level and student-led activities/events. 

General Secretary

The General Secretary of the Students’ Council, elected by the Student Body, also represents the Student Body of the Institution. He/she works closely with the President and assumes all the duties of the President in his/her absence or when officially requested by the President. The other responsibilities include preparing agenda for the Student Council meetings; maintaining the minutes of the meetings; documentation of the approved reports, agendas and other important files; assist in preparing the yearly calendar and annual budget; and to work closely with the Student Council Members, committees, clubs and the students to ensure its smooth functioning. He/she is also expected to be participate in all the Institute level and student-led activities/events.


The Treasurer is one of the permanent members of the Student Council, elected directly by the students of the institute for the subsequent year. The treasurer is in charge of all expenses of events that happen come under the purview of the Student Council. At the beginning of each academic year, he/she prepares the budget for all student activities after consultation with all stakeholders. He/she is also responsible for keeping a check on the student expenses and is also the first line of defense to protect against any unscrupulous financial activities.

Women's Secretary

The Women’s Secretary is one of the five elected positions within the Student Council, voted in by the female students. The Women’s Secretary is entrusted with the task of addressing in by the female students. The Women’s Secretary is entrusted with the task of addressing concerns affecting the female students on campus. The responsibilities include resolving issues ranging from medical facilities and non-infrastructural matters within the women’s hostel to ensuring essential amenities are readily available for women throughout the campus.

The Women’s Secretary is responsible for organizing significant events, such as International Women’s Day, alongside other programs geared towards awareness and empowerment, fostering an inclusive environment on campus.

Academic Secretary

Academic Secretary is selected from the first year elected members of the Academic Committee mutually by all the members of the Academic Committee, IIM Trichy.

Roles & Responsibilities:
1) Work closely with the Students, Faculty, PGP Office, PGP Manager and PGP Chairperson.
2) Liaison between PGP office and students.
3) POC for academic concerns, also known as PGP Student representative.
4) Decide timelines and future activities for Academic Committee by coordinating with Committee members and PGP Office.
5) Working on innovative learning, reducing skill gaps and other initiatives.

Alumni Secretary

The Secretary of the Alumni Committee, together with the members of the Alumni Committee, acts as connecting bridge between the alumni and the institute. He/She is responsible for the affairs of the alumni fraternity and all the alumni committee activities as prescribed in the alumni charter. He/She prepares the alumni calendar at the start of the academic year planning activities to strengthen the network stimulating collaboration through alumni engagement. He/She also coordinates with the different alumni city chapters for conducting various events.

Cultural Secretary

The Cultural Secretary popularly known as "CulSec" has two roles to play, one being Cultural Secretary and the other being Fest Secretary of IIMT. When he/she wears the hat of Cultural Secretary he/she makes sure that campus becomes a second home to all the students and the students become part of a family. Cultural Committee team led by CulSec is responsible for organizing all major festivals celebrated in the country, organizing sectional competitions to increase fun elements and bonding between students and many more events such as IIMT Carnival where students showcase their entrepreneurial skills and Open mic where students let their hidden talents come out on stage.

When it comes to the Fest Secretary, he/she has to make sure that every passing year leads to bigger, better and brighter Dhruva - The Cultural and Business Festival of IIMT through which brand IIMT gains more and more value and attraction from outside stakeholders. Team lead by the Fest Secretary works day and night to bring in more and more sponsors, call best in class artists, organize national level business and cultural events and make the festival a 3 day extravaganza for everyone to cherish forever.

Infrastructure & Information Technology Secretary

The Infra & IT Secretary plays a vital role in ensuring the amenities provided in hostels and the campus are functional 24*7. He/she coordinates with the management side and ensures that the required facilities are made available for the students. IIMT boasts of spacious individual air-conditioned hostel rooms for all its students and the IIT Secretary, along with the IIT Team, ensures that all issues with respect to hostel rooms are swiftly taken care off as and when it arises. He/she will also be coordinating with the administration side to ensure proper accommodation facilities are arranged for various National & International events that happens in IIMT. The IIT Secretary will be playing the role of supporting member to all the events organized inside campus by any of the Clubs & Committees.

The primary focus of the role is to make students feel at home in their campus environment utilizing all possible resources and ensuring seamless function of all necessary amenities by being the all important bridge between the management and the students. 

International Relations Secretary

Secretary of International Relations Students' Committee together with the members of the committee plays a key role in building partnerships for IIM Trichy with the foreign universities. The Secretary coordinates and facilitates the communication between the college and the foreign universities in the process. (S)He facilitates the selection procedure for the International Student Exchange Programmes and also coordinates the smooth onboarding of the Inbound Exchange Students. (S)He is responsible for the end-to-end operational aspects for the conduction of International Week wherein professors from foreign universities come to IIM Trichy to offer courses in the fields of International Business. In addition to these responsibilities, the IR Secretary coordinates the selection process of the students for the Youth Delegation Programme conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs - Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India which is aimed at creating an international perspective in the youth and to involve them in promoting peace and understanding.

Food & Beverage Committee Secretary

All the activities happening inside the IIMT mess area and staff canteen comes under the purview of the Food & Beverage Committee Secretary. Strictly supervising the various activities taking place in the mess and evaluating bills and other contractual documents of the vendor are the key responsibilities. Other responsibilities includes checking the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen area, evaluate and approve the requests of diet outside the mess menu based on certain criteria's. The Food & Beverage Committee Secretary, along with the Food & Beverage Committee Members, also plays a crucial role in obtaining feedback from the students and make changes in the menu in order to include/exclude items from time to time. 

Media Relations Committee Secretary

The Media Relations Committee is responsible for connecting various stakeholders of the college through the Social Media Handles and Press Releases. The Secretary plays the role of coordinating with various clubs and committees and ensuring coverage of all the events happening on the campus.

Apart from this, the Secretary also manages official social media handles of the college along with other team members. The Secretary ensures that the right posts reach the right audience. Also, it is the Media Relation team's responsibility to make sure that the college gets the necessary coverage in the press, by coordinating with the press personnel.

The Media Relations Committee is also hugely responsible for providing aspirants with a seamless entry into the college. Right from Mentorship to handling all queries regarding their application forms and other steps that are involved, the MRC handles it by coordinating with the Admissions Office, the PGP Office, and the aspirants. The Secretary puts in constant efforts to engage the students as well as the aspirants with the college through social media activities in order to provide a better experience at IIM Trichy.

Sports Secretary

The Sports Committee Secretary, along with the committee members at IIM Trichy, is responsible for hosting a variety of sports events in the campus throughout the year. The Secretary and the Committee Members are responsible in handling and maintaining the sports infrastructure at IIM Trichy. This post also involves dealing with college admin members like Purchase Department Head, CAO, SAC, FACAO, Dean and the Director for the permissions and funds required to conduct the events. Another responsibility is to maintain the sports inventory at the campus and also facilitate the tender process to procure inventory every year. You also forge new relations as a Secretary of this committee with colleges like IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Vizag, DOMS NIT Trichy, BIM etc. when you coordinate with them during the events like Sangram and Khelotsav. The Secretary, along with other members of the committee, also maintain relations with the alumni and external stakeholders through social media and are responsible for getting sponsorship for most of the events hosted.