Academic Clubs 


ArthaNiti is one of the student-initiated club dedicated to promoting the knowledge of economics and public policy as well as building a community through its activities. 


Consulate club is an entirely student driven initiative which has a core community of passionate management students having diverse experience and who work to offer the students a platform to develop an interest and inclination towards the fields of strategy and consulting at IIM Tiruchirappalli.

Entrepreneurship Cell

To build an ecosystem that facilitates entrepreneurship.


The Finance and Investments Club of IIM Tiruchirappalli is a student-driven initiative that aims to cultivate the students' interest in finance as an academic discipline and as a career option.


MAC is one of the most illustrious academic clubs of the IIM Tiruchirappalli family. We are constantly seeking to keep the students engaged through series of events and competitions. 


We are a bunch of technophiles who aim at promoting the importance of technology in the corporate world. From BMW's artificial intelligence to Google's analytics platform, technology has changed the way organization's work.


Persona is the Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management Club of IIM Tiruchirappalli.


SigmaEta, the Operations Club of IIM Tiruchirappalli, is committed to maximizing the knowledge of every student of the IIMT community in the area of Operations and provide challenges that help hone the skills of those specializing in this field.